My artistic statement



I create unique, beautiful works of art through my photography.  I aim to draw my viewers into a piece of work, allowing them to connect with nature.  The natural world, being our lifeforce, is essential to our wellbeing and my desired result would be for people to feel an emotional connection with my work.


I am passionate about capturing a moment in time.  Our lives are made up of these 'moments' and with my camera I am able to immortalise them.


Living and working in East Sussex and Kent has created a great inspiration in me through the natural world around me and the people whom I have met.   This inspiration has led to the work I do now, as an artist and photographer. 


Landscapes are my primary focus but I also love to capture other moments in time with reportage portraiture, photographing animals and macro photography too. My work allows me to learn more each day, discovering new things from the world around us.   A strong feeling of inspiration whilst shooting drives me onwards increasing my photographic collection and developing my skills even  further.

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